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Faulty iPhone reportedly generated £19,000 bill


According to a report by the BBC, a faulty iPhone is to blame for a £19,000 (US$30,000) bill sent to UK resident Chris Bovis over the holiday season.

Bovis claims Orange sent him the whopping bill for his usage during the months of October and November. Bovis said his regular bill is "about £43 a month." He brought his iPhone 4S to the Apple store at Lakeside Shopping Centre, and store employees supposedly confirmed the iPhone was the cause of this excessive data use.

The man contacted Orange with this information and the carrier allegedly wanted him to pay £400 ($640) while they investigated his claim. Bovis, who also lost his job as a builder right before the holidays, told the BBS that he was upset by his experience. "Their service is abysmal and I've lost too much sleep worrying about it."

After some back and forth, Orange apologized and eventually agreed to remove the errant charges. "We would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. Bovis for any distress caused by receiving this unusually high phone bill," an Orange spokesperson told the BBC.

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