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Otterbox unveils iON Intelligence iPhone case with automatic power management and Defender protection (hands-on)


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Otterbox has teased its new Defender case here at CES but there's an important new addition inside the iON Intelligence case -- this one is a bit more considerate how it charges your iPhone 4 (or 4S). There's a strip of LED lights along the bottom edge which indicate how charged the case is, and it will only ever start topping up your phone when it dips below 100 percent, all without the need to flip a switch. An installable app will monitor how power is transferred between the iPhone and the 1,450mAh pack housed inside that Defender casing. This is still an experimental sample, but Otterbox tells us that the case will arrive before the summer. Until then, we've got a teaser video after the break to tide you over.

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Billy Steele contributed to this report.

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