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Shaq makes his video game return today in ShaqDown for iOS, Android


The only thing Shaquille O'Neal hates more than Kobe Bryant is not being in video games. Good then that Shaq's dry streak comes to an end today with the launch of ShaqDown on iOS and Android devices, a new free-runner smash-em-up for $.99.

Shaq takes on hordes of zombies across three stages, each culminating in a boss battle. Developer Hiptic Games has programmed in some of the all-star center's most iconic moves, like the "flaming basketball toss" and "successful free-throw shot," the latter being perhaps Shaq's most memorable basketball trait.

ShaqDown is available for download now on the Google Play store for Android devices running 2.2 and up, and on the iOS App store for iDevices running 4.3 or higher.

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