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Condition ONE releases new player with Ultra HD playback and live streaming

Way back in 2011, I told you about Condition ONE, a video recording system and video player app that "promised to allow viewers to become completely immersed in the event they are watching, thanks to the proprietary camera technology used to record the event and the iPad itself. No longer would our view of events be limited to the journalist's point of view, the app promised. Through it, viewers could tilt, pivot and swipe around the footage, giving themselves complete control to manipulate the footage and change their field of view at will."

Yesterday Condition ONE announced an update that allows its video player to display premium 2.7K or live streaming immersive video content. The live streaming and enhanced resolution enables content creators to immerse their viewers in live events in ultra-realistic detail. The Condition ONE capture system was also updated with support for Ultra HD Red and GoPro cameras so content creators can actually shoot that ultra high-res footage.

If you haven't used the app yet, go ahead a grab it. It's a free download and I think you'll be blown away choosing your own POV of the footage you're watching.

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