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T-Mobile chief: iPhone availability might come some time in the next three months, maybe


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Getting an iPhone on the Magenta network? Not too hard -- but it'll get easier soon, according to the company's CEO. In a chat with Reuters, T-Mobile head honcho John Legere said that the network's iPhone launch was more likely to happen in the next "three to four months" than the next "six to nine." Not the clearest launch window, but one that fits comfortably within the carrier's LTE rollout and network reframing plans. It gives the network plenty of time to ditch its subsidies, too, which could help T-Mobile grow its US market share. "If the old industry structure chooses to ignore what we do," he told Reuters, "that's a potential." Legere didn't commit to a time frame there either, but a dual launch might make sense -- Magenta's iPhone customers don't seem to care much for subsidies anyway.

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