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Giant iPhone in St. Petersburg is tribute to Steve Jobs

A giant iPhone installation was revealed in St. Petersburg, Russia today in honor of the late Steve Jobs. Designed by St. Petersburg native Gleb Tarasov, the larger-than-life iPhone is an imitation of a black, "late model" version of Apple's iconic device, according to RIA Novosti. There's no giant touch screen, but the iPhone does feature a display that showcases a slideshow and video of Jobs' life.

The giant iPhone is located in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. The Progress IT Fund launched a competition last year to select a designer for the monument. Gleb Tarasov's design was chosen out of over 200 entrants.

The giant iPhone installation is entitled "Sunny QR Code" because there's a massive QR code on the back that onlookers can scan to be taken to a website commemorating Steve Jobs.

Image Credit: RIA Novosti

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