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Breakfast Topic: Does your UI change the way you see the game?


Out of all the MMOs that I have played in my day, none have had the robust community of addon developers that World of Warcraft has, a talented group of individuals that allow the player to create a personalized and unique window into the game world. It has always been something that I've embraced, and one of my favorite activities within the game has been to spend a few hours completely reworking my user interface. I thoroughly enjoy rearranging furniture, too -- I think there's something wrong with me.

However, for almost a year and a half I have stuck with a suite of addons called RealUI; I'm a sucker for sleek, minimal displays, so I just melted when I saw this setup in action. However, I think letting my addon creativity stagnate has had a deleterious effect on my enjoyment with the game. It used to be one of the ways I invested myself in WoW, but now I just download a package, unzip it, and start playing. It's like going to IKEA and buying a preassembled coffee table -- sometimes I enjoy hammering wooden dowels into a poorly-drilled hole with my shoe.

Do you think whatever combinations of addons you use affects the way you enjoy your gaming experience in Azeroth? Also, is UI tweaking as much a minigame as playing the auction house is?

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