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CES 2013: Wilson Electronics introduces the Sleek 4G booster to get your iPhone more signal


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Wilson Electronics has been making cell phone signal boosters for a while now, both for home use and for larger scale settings like offices and commercial use. But the company is turning to something more personal with its new Sleek 4G cell phone booster, which is a phone stand that will make your iPhone's signal (or a signal from any phone, really) up to 10 times more powerful.

The booster, which is shipping next week, basically consists of a phone stand that you can either place on your desk or stick on your car's dashboard, and then a cord leading off of it that connects to an antenna with a magnetic base. That's it -- you don't need to actually connect your phone up at all, because the stand will just grab the signal automatically.

The stand itself has a few different prongs on the sides that you can adjust depending on what phone you're using, but other than that, it just boosts a signal, and well. A normal phone signal, according to Wilson, runs at about 200 mW, but with the Sleek 4G adding a boost, the signal can reach up to 2,000 mW.

Wilson's reps told us that most people think of using cell phone boosters out in more rural areas, but given all of the holes and issues in more populated areas, it can be helpful in bigger cities, too. And the booster has one other big benefit: It'll increase the battery life on the phone. By making sure the signal is always strong, Wilson says that many users have seen phones last longer than before.

At $199, this isn't a small investment for sure. But if you constantly have problems with your iPhone's signal and could use a way to keep it going whether you're in a home or office or out and about in your car, Wilson's Sleek 4G booster could help.

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