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'The Free Bundle' collects free indies Nitronic Rush, Abobo's Big Adventure and more


The Free Bundle is a collection of five gratis games headlined by Nitronic Rush, the "survival driving" game from Team Nitronic, a group of DigiPen Institute of Technology students.

It also includes Flash game Abobo's Big Adventure, which sees the iconic Double Dragon foe tracking down his lost son, Aboboy. Meanwhile, Ascension is a side-scrolling horror game about a groundskeeper looking for his lost daughter on the day of a terrible incident.

Celestial Mechanica is a retro-looking puzzle-platformer, with animations done by Super Crate Box's Paul Veer. The fifth game is ImScared, a self-professed "MineCraft meets Slender" game where players navigate the spooky and seemingly abandoned halls of a massive house.

So there you go: five well-done, free games that you haven't downloaded yet because you are still reading this.

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