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What's your guild's niche? Help players find your specialized group


What is your guild all about? Many guilds are fairly easily described by their schedules and raid progressions (or their lack of either). More likely, though, the essence of your group -- the part that gives it its flavor and makes it stand apart from other guilds -- is somewhat trickier to describe. "Social," "casual," "raiding" ...These terms pretty much describe most guilds.

Even terms that seem fairly self-explanatory at first glance can be problematic for players trying to evaluate a potential fit. "We're a dedicated roleplaying guild." OK, so what's the spin? One RP guild might maintain a military structure and campaign, while another plays out some very adult-themed interpersonal dramas -- definitely not interchangeable concepts!

Our experience is that player and guild drama becomes inevitable when members end up unhappily guilded in a group that doesn't truly fit. The Drama Mamas frequently get mail from players who find their guildmates nice enough but still have that itchy feeling that something just isn't clicking. So as we prepare a guide to help players target the qualities they're looking for in a guild and figure out where to find them, we're turning to you for feedback plus a chance to let other players know about what your own guild's niche has to offer. Click past the break for more details on how to participate.

Guilds worth searching for

One of the things our upcoming guide will do is to let players know what types of guilds exist out there in the vast space beyond general classifications like "social" or "casual." Whether by design or happy accident, is your guild filled with players from a particular niche?

A few examples of guild niches:

Spin cycle

Here's your chance to help us build our guide to helping players find a guild that fits and let other players know about your own guild's special mojo. Keep descriptions brief -- tweet-length, 140 characters or less -- and add them in the comments here, tweet me at @LisaPoisso, or email me at
  • What are we missing? What niches or angles not listed above have you or other players you know searched for in a guild? How do you describe the playstyle, focus, or social atmosphere you're looking for?
  • Share your guild info What's your guild's niche, and where can we find you? (Include your realm plus faction or your guild website – and remember, 140 characters or less!)

Please note that you must be specific about the unique aspect of your guild in order to be included in our article. Guilds without realm/faction or website information will not be included. If your guild can be described best by its schedule or progression or a label like "heroic raiding" or "casual non-raiding," please don't comment; players can already find you by those traits.

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"I never thought of playing WoW like that!" -- and neither did we, until we talked with Game of Thrones' Hodor (Kristian Nairn) ... a blind ex-serviceman and the guildmates who keep him raiding as a regular ... and a 70-year-old grandma who tops her raid's DPS charts as its legendary-wielding GM. Send your nominations to

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