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SOE soliciting EverQuest II class feedback

Jef Reahard

Feldon over at EQ2Wire has called our attention to an interesting dev post on the EverQuest II forums. In spite of the fact that SOE has spent a lot of time balancing the game's 25 classes over the past 18 months, there's still some work to be done.

EQII mechanics lead Mike "Xelgad" Ganz put out a call for feedback designed to make each class more enjoyable to play. SOE is particularly keen on "improving tedious abilities to be more user-friendly," according to Ganz. "Balance issues are always a concern, but numbers tend to spotlight those issues, while it's easy to overlook problems that simply make the classes less fun than they should be," he says.

Each of EQII's four archetypes got its own feedback thread, so click through to leave your thoughts regarding Priests, Mages, Scouts, and Fighters.

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