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Coding trick automates iOS and Mac app screenshots


When working on an app, iOS developers don't just code, they also have to prep their app for the App Store submission process. One time-consuming step is gathering all the app screenshots that are needed for the App Store listing. It's not too bad if you have a single app with only four screenshots, but it can become burdensome when you have several apps and multiple languages to capture.

To help save precious time, Daniel Jalkut describes an automated procedure he learned from Kent Sutherland of Flexibits. The trick uses custom screen-capturing code that is embedded in the app itself and triggered by WaxSim, a command line tool that launches the iOS simulator.

Sutherland provided Jalkut with sample code that shows how this hack works using Apple's UICatalog sample app. With some tweaking, it'll also work with Mac apps, too. You can read more about the screenshot trick and download the sample code on Jalkut's Bitsplitting blog.

[Via The Loop]

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