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The Daily Grind: If you could erase your memories of a game for a fresh experience, would you?


No matter how we attempt to come at our favorite MMO at a new angle, the truth is that it's impossible to fully recapture the wonder, the enormity, and the uncertainty that came with your first few days in the game. There was something special about all of that unknown, wasn't there? It's easy to fondly recall a time when you didn't know all of the mechanics like the back of your hand, but had to figure everything out one step at a time.

I've seen a lot of people try to emulate the giddy high of those first days in a number of ways, which makes me wonder if a memory-wiping service would be embraced by some. It's kind of tempting to think about: completely erasing any of your experiences from a game, allowing you to try it for the first time a second time.

So if this hypothetical service was a real thing, would you take advantage of rebooting your memories for a fresh take at your favorite MMO?

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