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Sprint's first Windows Phone 8 device hits the FCC in HTC garb

Brad Molen

The only news coming out of Sprint's camp at CES was its partnership with HTC and Samsung to launch Windows Phone 8 devices by this summer. Given this deadline, we were a bit surprised to see the first WP8 phone -- the HTC PL80110 -- already passing through the FCC approval process. The telltale sign that this particular device is heading to Sprint is its use of band 25 LTE, a frequency that's used specifically by the Now Network. Other details are rather thin, aside from the inclusion of NFC, EVDO and 1xRTT, but what's important here is that Sprint may actually be ahead of schedule with its Windows Phone plans. Now, if only the carrier had the same attitude towards its LTE deployment.

Update: There is one element to this FCC doc that's adding a bit of confusion. The docs (as seen below) clearly mention that this is a Windows Phone, though HTC's typical naming scheme dictates that this should be the One SV, an Android device. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

Sprint's first Windows Phone 8 device hits the FCC in HTC garb

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