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Breakfast Topic: WoW Conspiracy Theories


My guild master and I were discussing gearing the other day, and our very varying drop rates across a few different characters, and I was, as always, bemoaning my lack of drops from the Raid Finder. And she, as always, was talking about her excellent loot luck on her gang of 90s! We mentioned a friend, a healer, who told us about her conspiracy theory regarding Raid Finder loot.

Her theory was as follows. Having had spectacularly bad luck in the Raid Finder, and seen her DPS and tanking friends get their four-set before she had so much as a pair of boots, our friend concluded that there was a secret nerf to healing gear drop rates in the Raid Finder, a cunning ploy by Blizzard to ensure that healers remained in the Raid Finder for longer, thereby assuring other players shorter queues.

Like all good conspiracy theories, given my own dreadful luck, it gave me just enough pause for thought to lodge itself firmly in my brain. Of course, it's very unlikely indeed to be true, in fact I can say with some confidence that it isn't, but it's wormed its way into my head now and every time I run the raid finder, and don't get a drop, I think of my friend and her theory.

What other ones have you heard, or better yet, dreamed up yourself? I suspect they'll all relate to our benevolent overlord, Blizzard. All the best conspiracy theories do.

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