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'Assault the Cheating Boyfriend! Caught You Red-Handed' hits Japan's 3DS eShop next week


Japanese 3DS game Assault the Cheating Boyfriend! Caught You Red-Handed has one of the most straight-forward yet adorable names we've ever seen. Unfortunately it doesn't work very well as an acronym, and if it's shortened to just the first word it sounds like a new Ace Combat game, so we'll just call it Red-Handed to save time.

Red-Handed puts players in the role of a suspicious girlfriend as she digs around her boyfriend's house to find evidence that he's cheating on her. The game is 2D, but one 3DS-specific perk allows players to shake the controller when the enraged girlfriend confronts her boyfriend, causing her to throw all the evidence she's collected at him, the alleged scumbag. There are four boyfriends to choose from in Red-Handed.

Red-Handed hits the 3DS eShop in Japan next week for $3. There's no word on a localized version, but there is hope.

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