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Why Ghostcrawler appears in the credits to StarCraft I

Kudos to @PennyRush for noticing WoW's lead system designer's name (Dr. Gregory T. Street) in the credits to the original StarCraft. These credits came out in 1998 when the original StarCraft was released, a whole 10 years before Ghostcrawler joined the WoW team.

The reason?

Getting a job with Blizzard through great (and professional) interaction isn't something new, either. A lot of the early WoW guys were hired on, in part, because of their knowledge and skill with the original EverQuest. Well, perhaps I shouldn't call Tigole's interaction's totally professional at that time, his forum and website rants were pretty legendary (yet also 100% correct). It also helped to have Rob Pardo as the guild leader.

Nonetheless, let this be a lesson to all the future game designers out there... keep it cool, keep it smart, and you'll make the necessary inroads.

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