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    Daily iPhone App: They Might Be Giants gives away some songs for free


    I'm a big fan of the band They Might Be Giants -- for years and years now, they've been putting out slickly crafted folk pop songs, complete with a good sense of fun and absurdity. The band has hosted a "Dial-a-Song" service for years, in order to let you hear their music over the phone, and now there's even an app for that. The official They Might Be Giants app is now available and it's a free download from the App Store right now.

    It's not filled with features (in fact, the app isn't even formatted for the iPhone 5 yet, unfortunately), but it does do one thing well: It will play one different They Might Be Giants song every single day. There are five songs at a time available for listening, and every 24 hours, you can log in and get a new song to hear. If you like the songs you hear, you can click through to iTunes to buy them, or follow other links in the app to the band's website or to buy tickets or learn more. That's about it -- it's just a really cute yarn-and-cloth themed music player that plays only a few TMBG songs.

    But if you're as big a TMBG fan as I am, that's really all you need! The app is completely free -- definitely give it a download and a listen.

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