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It's in the details: iOS 6.1 updates lock screen music controls

One of the most fun parts about any new Apple OS update is discovering the more subtle tweaks that its designers have made. In the case of yesterday's freshly minted iOS 6.1, there's one change that seems merely cosmetic at first but after a while you can't help but wonder why it wasn't made sooner. We're talking about the newly redesigned lock screen music controls (above) which are displayed when you press the Home button twice on the lock screen.

Not only have the controls been modified to look like the ones found within the Music app, but more importantly they're laid out the same, too. This means that unlike in previous iOS releases (shown below) they're no longer so close together that you can accidentally press play/pause when trying to select the next or previous track. Like in the Music app, the previous and next buttons are located near the sides of the screen.

It's in the details iOS 61 updates lock screen music controls

The volume slider has gotten an overhaul to be consistent with the Music app, too, and also uses your device's accelerometer to change the reflection on the knob as you tilt it -- another "it's in the details" element to make you grin.

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