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Eldevin is coming to your browser, and it's got the trailer to prove it

Eliot Lefebvre

So how do you want to try your new games? Do you want them in a separate client or do you want them as something you can just run in your browser? The team at Hunted Cow Studios is aiming at the latter with its upcoming game Eldevin, a large-scale fantasy MMO currently in development for browser play.

Eldevin is meant as a story-based game, containing all of the hallmarks you'd expect from a normal MMO -- dungeons, quests, a long-format story, PvP, and so forth. The designers are aiming at content on par with client-based AAA MMOs, but the game will be playable on an operating system and on lower-end machines without a loss in quality.

Sound intriguing? Then you can check out some early screenshots of the game and its UI as well as a new trailer just past the break. Closed beta signups are available now, with testing commencing in March and open beta and launch slated to follow later this year.

[Source: Hunted Cow Studios press release]

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