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Disney Interactive was Disney's least profitable branch in Q1 2013

Jordan Mallory

Despite revenues of $291 million during the three month period ending December 29, 2012, Disney Interactive's remaining $9 million in operating revenue (read: pre-tax profit) made it the entertainment giant's least profitable division during the first quarter of the fiscal 2013.

Still, this was a marked increase over Disney Interactive's Q1 2012 performance, where it posted a loss of $28 million. Being back in black is even more impressive when you consider Interactive's reported an operating loss of $42 million just last August, making it Disney's only unprofitable sector at the time.

Disney attributes this year's growth to improved performance in its social gaming businesses in the Japanese market, where a new licensing agreement has increased the amount of Disney-branded hardware and software.

Of course, Disney's financial report made no mention of Junction Point or its sordid fate, but that's to be expected since the studio's closure technically happened during the second quarter of fiscal 2013. We may gain some new insight into that situation during the next round of quarterlies, but for now, all we've got to go on is Mickey's increasing popularity in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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