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Oculus Rift still on for March, has lens caps for vision-impaired, adjustable assembly now


With Oculus Rift's initial developer unit launch scheduled for next month, the folks at Oculus have understandably been busy. After CES, they went to Hong Kong to oversee the initial manufacturing run of their "pilot" dev kit prototypes – 40 in total – and are on-track to meet their March ship deadline for the final Oculus Rift. Kickstarter backers will receive their units sometime in April.

With the extra time, Oculus added two small features the start-up hopes will make for a better experience: swappable lens caps for the inside viewing area and an adjustable assembly for a more fine-tuned fit. So if you're near-sighted or far-sighted, the three different lens caps will allow you to adjust your depth of focus to meet your vision needs; and with the adjustable assembly, now you can possibly leave your glasses on when using the Oculus Rift and get the best fit possible.

If you're late to the Oculus Rift party, know it's a virtual reality headset that has mesmerized some of the industry's most notable talent, including John Carmack and MineCraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson. In fact, they aren't the only ones – a recent Half-Life 2 head-tracking and gun-tracking mod created by Nathan Andrews, designed for the Oculus Rift, has gotten a lot of attention. Andrews put up his own AMA on Reddit to answer questions and provide more information – if you want to see the mod in action, head past the break for a video demonstration. Trust us, it's totally neat!

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