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You can't take the sky from me: WildStar's Exiles


You can't dip into a setting like WildStar's without hearing the familiar chords of Firefly's opening theme, and it's no accident; the game's two factions were surely set up to mimic that IP's rustic space cowboys and refined imperial aristocracy. Today, the embargo drops on a truckload of information, screenshots, and videos about the Exile faction (the Dominion faction, I fear, won't be fully revealed until next week).

The Exiles

The Exiles are "a gutsy group of mercenaries, refugees, and exiles," or so says the official WildStar documentation. They're Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds and Robin Hood and other such scoundrels with hearts of gold and no love for the law. I won't call them the good guys -- let's call them neutral or neutral good. The races of the Exile faction have teamed up on the planet Nexus, where they'd hoped to evade the reach of the Dominion, the lawful evil side we get to dish on next week. Alas, that would be boring, so bring on the conflict!

The Exile Humans

The Exile Humans are a group of Humans who rebelled against the Dominion after the government's brutal crackdowns on the citizenry. The uprising was led by a man named Serrick Brightland, a Dominion admiral who commandeered his own military vessels to attack his corrupt leaders until his flagship was crippled and his swindled armada was forced to flee, hide, and regroup through the centuries.

The Aurin

The Aurin are lovable treehuggers who befriended and gave aid to the human Exiles, earning the wrath of the Dominion, whose rulers wiped out the Aurin's forest planet in spite of the loyal intervention of the other Exile races.

We've mocked the Aurin for being bunnygirls, but in fact, male Aurin have been shown in screenshots, and better yet, you can change your ears and tails to be "whatever sort of animal you want to be like," at least so sayeth Jeremy Gaffney.

The Granok

According to Carbine, the Granok are "skull-cracking, hard-charging galactic mercenaries who have come to Nexus to kick ass and drink beer -- not necessarily in that order." During the Dominion's attempts to assimilate them, the Granok differed on how to resist; those who betrayed cultural traditions while engaging in guerilla warfare were banished and saw no recourse but to join the Exiles faction.%Poll-80626%
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