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These old Nintendo promo videos are a national treasure

Jordan Mallory

A collector of gaming antiquities has provided an incredible public service to the world, by uploading six extremely rare, extremely retro Nintendo corporate promotional tapes to YouTube. The six videos (above and after the break) were originally used as sales pitches to promote various products and live events, such as the Super Game Boy and the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, to retailers and potential venues.

Beyond their value as hilarious distractions, however, these blurry, color-smeared glimpses into the past also serve as a reminder of our community's history -- one that must be preserved and cherished, so that our children may one day know how completely ridiculous everything was in the early 90s.

Their tiny, adorable faces will look up and ask "Daddy, why are there day-glo pink triangles all over everything in these 'video tapes'?" To which we'll reply, "Hush, sweetie. Eat your gruel before Ag'rathas and his Labor Wardens start our next shift, here in the Salt Mines of Kuu'uultepth, which is in space because this is humanity's bleak future as a conquered people."

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