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Flickr find: GorillaPod plus Apple eMate equals nightmare


Apple's eMate 300 -- a short-lived educational "laptop" based on Newton technology -- was an odd-looking, curvy device encased in translucent green plastic. While the eMate is a sidenote to Apple history, you can still find the rare devices occasionally at garage sales and on eBay. Matthew Pearce of Matt's Macintosh YouTube channel fame owns an eMate, and we chanced upon this Flickr photo of the device taking advantage of a little known feature -- a tripod mount built into the bottom of the unit.

To film the eMate for one of his YouTube productions, Pearce mounted it atop a Joby GorillaPod, inadvertently creating something that looks like it came out of a fever dream or a Tim Burton movie. I'm personally hoping that Pearce decides to make a stop-action animation of the eMate-GorillaPod hybrid chasing after and attacking someone ... but that's just my warped imagination at work.

Photo by MattsMacintosh / Flickr CC

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