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Join Bungie's ARG and work toward possible Destiny reveal

MJ Guthrie

Not a lot of concrete information is floating around about Destiny, an upcoming game by Bungie. We do know more will be revealed at GDC next month, but a new ARG on the Halo creator's website hints that more may be revealed even sooner. How soon? Possibly next Monday: A row of numbers splayed across the top counts down from seven, and clicking on the next descending number each day changes the displayed weekday.

After the first task, the ARG appears to require the efforts of multiple players to solve; the second puzzle spells out "alone will not be enough." So if you want to get in on unlocking the mysteries of the ARG, study the second puzzle's clue after the break and head over to Bungie to add your contributions to the mix.

The instructions:

Our sky is filled with unseen signals. Radio-frequency emissions pulse and flit and dance all around us. Yet even a singing patch of sky can be observed, and transformed into a range of frequencies.

Can you hear it? No, not yet. It has not yet arrived. But together we can receive its call.

Imagine combining the observations of thousands across the globe on an object meandering through the heavens. The resulting array would be quite large. Quite powerful. This is your task.

Alone it will not be enough. Coordination and timing is needed. Observations must be made simultaneously.

Your window will be small. Five minutes at most. But windows may be reopened. And the distance between observer pairs will be key.

There will always be limitations in clarity, so the results must be archived for study. Highly technical observers may be required. Detailed frequency analysis is recommended.

Everything that belongs to us will be ours, but only if we create the capacity to receive it.

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