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Plex Android app gets a makeover and media server abilities, beta launches soon (video)


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Users of the Plex media server and its suite of client apps can expect an all-new app for Android soon, rebuilt two years after its debut for a vastly improved UI and feature set. While musing about the progress of Android as a platform for users and developers alike -- a good read if you'd like a peek behind the curtain to find out more about multiplatform coding life -- a Plex blog post details everything that's added in the new version, and one major thing taken away: compatibility with any Android OS before 3.2 (retained to keep working with Google TV.) According to the devs, almost 90 percent of users are on at least Ice Cream Sandwich, and focusing on newer platforms means support for newer features like Cloud Messaging, lock screen music player controls and global search integration.

As revealed in a preview video (embedded after the break) the new "Kepler" build also lets it act as a media server, so any media stored on your Android device can be played back on other Plex clients. The company says it set out to make the "most beautiful Android app, period" -- PlexPass subscribers can get a taste of the beta when it launches in Google Play later this week, all others will need to wait until after the test period.

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