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Sound Uncovered is a gateway to the fascinating world of sound


The San Francisco-based Exploratoruim has a long history of promoting science, arts and hands-on learning. The science museum has a physical location with more than a thousand exhibits, a website with more than 50,000 pages of content and now it is launching its second interactive iPad app, Sound Uncovered, a follow-up to its successful Color Uncovered iPad book.

As its name implies, Sound Uncovered lets you explore the wonderful world of sound. There are articles that'll explain how a blind person can ride a bike and why gum chewing drives some people crazy. There are also interactive exhibits that'll have you questioning what you hear and why you hear it. These interactive elements are reminiscent of the cool science exhibits you would see at a physical museum.

Sound Uncovered is not only fun; it's also informative. The app doesn't water down the science and introduces the concepts of interference and illusions like Shepherd tones and the McGurk effect. While elementary school kids will enjoy playing with the science experiments, the science explanations are definitely geared towards upper-middle school and above.

The science, though, shouldn't deter you from downloading Sound Uncovered. Even if you are not a science-minded person, the experiments are practical and fun. Starting today, Sound Uncovered is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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