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A&E network brings free full-length episodes and movies to the iPhone


Good news for Rick and Corey fans. A&E's brought its streaming app across from the iPad to the iPhone. Better still, it has all the full length content from favorites like Storage Wars and Pawn Stars. Both the History and Lifetime have followed suit, and there's even some extra A&E content found within the app, the kind that's typically found on the show's dedicated site -- expect plenty of behind-the-scenes antics. If you're also in possession of an Xfinity Comcast account, the app will open up access to previous seasons of the network's top shows. There's still no AirPlay support, although 9to5Mac reports that it's certainly in the works. Hopefully, that means dozing off in front of A&E content on your Apple TV shouldn't be far away. In Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson's immortal words: work hard, nap hard.

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