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LinkedIn gives all of its employees iPad minis


LinkedIn is most known for being a website that helps users get jobs, but it turns out working there is probably pretty nice as well: The CEO of the company today handed out 3,500 iPad minis, to every one of the company's employees. That's right: If you work at LinkedIn, you got an iPad mini today, as CEO Jeff Wiener (seen above) passed them out to everyone in the office.

That's pretty great, and these probably won't just be used to play Angry Birds or Super Hexagon: The iPad is well-documented to help out in the workplace, and with every employee having an iPad mini, LinkedIn can now distribute documents digitally on the Apple devices, or possibly even come to rely on an iOS app for some office functions.

LinkedIn isn't the only company that has done this, either -- Weiner used to work at Yahoo! with Brad Garlinghouse, who's now the current CEO of YouSendIt. And Garlinghouse had the same idea: He gave iPad minis to every one of his employees over last year's holidays as well.

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