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PowerSkin Pop'n a fresh look at an external iPhone battery pack


PowerSkin, that company with the logo that looks like some sort of alien facehugger, today announced the Pop'n (US$79.99), a 2,000 mAh external battery pack that is touted as one of the first MFi (Made For iPhone)-certified iPhone 5 external charging solutions.

The Pop'n doesn't require a protective case of any sort to take away from the natural beauty of the iPhone 5. Instead, it sticks to the back of your phone using a grid of 24 small suction cups. If you do happen to use a case, those same suction cups can stick the Pop'n onto the outside of the case.

Pop'n's rather thin -- 10 mm at the thickest point -- and weighs only 86 grams. The idea of the Pop'n is that you don't have to carry around that weight all the time just to have some extra battery power at hand. Instead, once your iPhone 5 has been recharged you can just pop the Pop'n off.

The Lightning connector for the iPhone 5 is on the end of a flexible cable that extends from the bottom of the Pop'n to the Lightning port. The pack is currently available in black and white, with red and pink versions coming within a few weeks. We'll have a full review and giveaway of the Pop'n in the near future.

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