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Google Glass hackathon in pictures: geeks get coding on headgear of the future


You might remember that Google decided to host a little get together with those lucky "explorers" that pre-ordered Glass. Well, no one is allowed to tell us a darn thing about what went down thanks to those pesky NDAs the devs were required to sign. But, the folks at Mountain View didn't want us to feel completely left out, so they posted a bunch of pictures from the hackathons so we could get a glimpse at what it's like to be granted early access. Predictably, what you get is a bunch of geeks wearing computers while typing on computers. In total the "pioneers" built 80 new ways to use Glass, at least one of which we're sure involved viewing pornography (that's a right of passage for all new tech), and eight winning teams picked up the grand prize -- Google footing the bill for their Explorer Edition headset. We've got one more image after the break, but you can peruse the entire gallery at the source link.

Google Glass hackathon in pictures geeks galore in

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