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Rumor: Another day, another PS4 prototype controller photo


Another photo claimed to be of a PS4 controller prototype appeared today, bearing strong similarity to the photo which appeared yesterday. What newly shows up in this photo is what's apparently a 3.5mm audio jack situated on the side below the PS button. The photo can be traced back to the GameTrailers forum, although it's unclear if the poster was who genuinely took it.

Destructoid posted a photo yesterday of a similar-looking prototype controller, with the same rounded sides, differently shaped analog sticks, and what's apparently a small touchscreen at the top. The previous photo also showed a bar with a similar glow to that of the PlayStation Move, suggesting the controller has motion tracking built-in. Sources at IGN indicated that photo was the real deal, but that it was of an early prototype.

We may know more about the next PlayStation console and its controllers following next week's PlayStation 2013 event, where Sony's expected to announce the PS3's successor.

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