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Morning Star comic app weaves into the game, from John Scalzi and Marvel's Mike Choi


Morning Star – the hardcore, mobile FPS from Halo creator Alex Seropian and Seven Lights founder Tim Harris – is more than an iOS game. Seropian and Harris' studio, Industrial Toys, employs a wide range of geek experts, including Redshirts author John Scalzi and Marvel artist Mike Choi, both of whom are collaborating on an interactive, graphic novel app to tie-in with Morning Star on a deep level.

Morning Star Alpha will expand upon Morning Star's tale, frequently allowing readers to make choices that are saved to their accounts and ultimately affect the game itself, at least when that drops a few months later. Conversely, discovering certain things in the game will unlock aspects in Morning Star Alpha. It's sequential-storytelling symbiosis.

"We're doing some interesting things with this experiment by trying to take sequential storytelling's creative and enjoyment processes to the next level, using the mechanics available to us without the restrictions of a paper default – to coin a phrase – and also making it so that no two reads of the story are the same," Choi says.

Players won't need to read Morning Star Alpha to enjoy Morning Star, Harris tells us, but the app will add another layer of experience to the universe.

"The game will enhance and add to the graphic novel experience," Harris says. "For players who want to dig into the things they encounter in the game, tons of extras and narrative elements will unlock and bring those explorers down the rabbit hole. We call it the Nerdopedia internally, but it's so much cooler than that – it will be fed by the game and continue on through our later episodes and issues."

Scalzi's script is complete and a sample of Choi's art is hanging out above, though there is no release date for Morning Star Alpha yet.

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