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Yahoo reveals new homepage look with social streams, optimizations for smartphones and tablets


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took to the company's official blog to unveil a refreshed Yahoo homepage that's "more intuitive and personal." The basic layout hasn't changed all that much (and the real deal hasn't switched over just yet), but Meyer says that the site is now optimized across mobile devices, with newly designed apps able to tap into your Facebook profile to broadcast your friends' birthdays to this new, more social-centric homepage. Recommendations from the social network are also gifted space on the new entry page, but it's email and news that seem to take priority in the redesign, located in eye-catching positions on both desktop and mobile iterations. The CEO added that Yahoo isn't finished yet, noting that the redesign we're looking at above is "the first of many." The new look will roll out across US browsers over the next few days.

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