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Show us your mog!


It's far enough into the expansion now that most of you who are so inclined have at least one favorite transmogrification look all worked out and equipped. You've got your serious mog for raiding that makes you look like a hero. You've got your silly mog for raiding that makes you look like a jacka -- oh wait, whatever happens in raid, stays in raid. (Unless your friend sends it over to be used in some random Breakfast Topic. Ahem.) And maybe you've got a city or party mog, and a silly mog, and a fishing mog, and -- oh, for heaven's sake, just show us your mog!

Drop a link in the comments to photos of your favorite outfits these days. Don't forget to share what specific style you were going for what pieces you used to create the look. (Readers, please remember to practice safe linking -- a full URL with a reputable site is best -- and safe clicking. Please use the report button on the comments to flag any problem posts. If you're not comfortable clicking all these player-submitted links, stick to reading the descriptions.) We can't wait to see what you've put together!

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