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The After Math: A PlayStation 4 special


The big story of the week, no, month, is Sony's next-generation console, the PlayStation 4. Well, the company didn't show us the physical box itself and instead chose to detail a new DualShock controller, some not-hugely-specific hardware outlines and titles we can expect to see (in some form) on the fourth generation PlayStation. As Pythagoras said: "Number rules the universe," and the After Math prefers it that way. Find some of those numbers after the break.

  • Ridge Racer mentions during the PlayStation event: zero
  • Original PlayStation launch price: $299
  • PlayStation 2 launch price: $299
  • PlayStation 3 launch price: $499 (20GB) / $599 (60GB)
  • PlayStation 4 launch price: TBA
  • PlayStation 1's price in 2013 prices, based on the CPI: $464.60
  • PlayStation Vita devices sold worldwide so far: Over 1.2 million
  • PS Vita Remote Play-capable titles currently available on the PS3: 27
  • Polygons used for individual characters in Quantic Dream's 1999 game Omikron: Nomad Souls: 350
  • Polygons used for individual characters in its PS3 title Heavy Rain: 15,000
  • Polygons used for individual characters forthcoming title Beyond: Two Souls: 30,000

The After Math A HTC One, a PlayStation 4 and a Chromebook with plenty of pixels

  • Number of teraFLOP calculations the PS4's GPU is capable of per second: 1.84
  • Number of Final Fantasy titles that originally launched on PlayStation: 6
  • Planned iterations of the series' latest game Final Fantasy XIII: 3
  • Amount of RAM in the PlayStation 4: 8GB (GDDR5)
  • Amount of RAM found in Nintendo's Wii U: 2GB (DDR3)
  • Number of years Halo creator Bungie spent developing its new title Destiny: 10
  • Copies of Halo titles sold so far on Xbox, PC and Mac: Over 50 million
  • Copies of Angry Birds downloaded as of May 2012: 1 billion
  • Size of global videogame market revenue in 2012, including mobile games: $78.5 billion

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