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Samsung Wallet looks a lot like Apple Passbook

Over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung just unveiled its "Samsung Wallet," which looks to be an exact ripoff of Apple's Passbook. Like Passbook, Wallet lets users store virtual passes such as movie tickets, boarding passes, coupons, concert tickets and more. Wallet also sends users location-based push notifications when they enter an area where a pass can be used, just like Passbook. Further, Wallet doesn't offer NFC support, just like Passbook. Instead, it relies on the user scanning a barcode on the virtual passes -- just like Passbook.

Right now Samsung Wallet is only available to developers, but Samsung says the app will go live for all users in the "near future." Samsung says companies like Walgreens, Expedia, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Belly,, and Lufthansa have already signed on, according to The Verge.


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