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Delver's Drop exceeds Kickstarter goal with a week left


Delver's Drop, Pixelscopic's multiplatform dungeon action-RPG, will exist. The project met its $75,000 Kickstarter goal, and currently sits at over $81,000, with seven days remaining. Since the last time we looked in on it, iOS, Android, and Ouya have been added not as stretch goals, but as part of the $15 pre-order tier. Pre-order the game and you'll get builds of all platforms when they become available, starting with PC and Mac around October.

Stretch goals include getting the Linux version done more quickly, a new character class, a local multiplayer mode – "Think of Deathmatch as Zelda: Four Swords meets Super Smash Bros.!," ports to even more platforms, and other game expansions.

If you want to help achieve a stretch goal, secure a copy of the game, or get the little guy seen above, check out the ongoing campaign.

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