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WoW Moviewatch: Murlocs From Space


What's scarier than your garden variety murgle-murgle murloc? Nothing except for Murlocs From Space. In Slightly Impressive's futuristic take on the origins of murlocs, a space-traveling band of fish people in clothes land on Azeroth to scope out the results of a forgotten colony.

With a trip through the Battlegrounds and a bit of worldly investigation, a final report is made to the spacefish's leader. The cameo appearance is chuckle-worthy, even if it's mostly a thin screen for a single punchline.

Ultimately, I liked Murlocs From Space. I'm super happy to see Slightly Impressive grow outside the usual parody routine, and he continues to come up with creative, interesting new machinima. His graphic skills are definitely sharpening with each video, so I keep looking forward to the next.

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