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Google Fiber TV channel lineup sees its first 3D additions with 3net and ESPN3D


Google's Fiber efforts may not be that widespread yet, but it's obvious the search giant is doing all it can to improve the service for those who are lucky enough to have it. With that in mind, Google announced it's now brought an initial batch -- albeit a minor one -- of 3D channels to its growing Fiber TV lineup, giving "Gigabit + TV" subscribers (who own a three-dee-ready TV, of course) access to 3net at no extra cost and to ESPN3D for an additional $5 per month. While the inclusion of 3net and ESPN3D might seem like a pretty minor one on paper, it's without a doubt a step in the right direction for Fiber TV -- and, as the company puts it, this shows how the company is "committed to making these qualities that you've come to expect from Google Fiber TV better and better."

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