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Caturday: Genghis Khat gets his rightful tribute


Last time we tried to run a picture of reader Craig Syverson's household conqueror, Genghis Khat, we ran a picture of the wrong feline! Now we have the correct cat, who seems to have found his perfect snoozing spot in this Caturday classic.

Syverson, who works as a UX designer in the Bay Area, says "I'm sharing a photo of my cat, Genghis Khat, who regularly falls asleep when I'm in the middle of working. Since I use a Wacom tablet full-time, my arm provides a convenient support for his napping requirements."

If you've got a Caturday nominee to share, let us know via our feedback page. For security reasons we can't accept inbound attachments, so you should host the photo (Dropbox, Flickr, iPhoto Journals, etc.) and send us the link.

Thanks Craig!

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