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Microsoft boosts SkyDrive with six month Office 365 University test drive, ad campaign


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Office 365 University is already pretty cheap, but to get you hooked on the software while also promoting SkyDrive's collaboration tools, Microsoft's giving up to six months worth of free access to US college attendees. It's promoting the grab using Parks & Recreation's Aubrey Plaza, who shows a trio of students in one YouTube video (after the break) how they can work together using the Office 365 / SkyDrive combo while staying in their own "creepy dorm" and "unicorn stable" instead of bugging her. Takers will get an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage and three months of access to the suite, which can be extended to six by sharing the offer on Facebook. If Microsoft decides to include Aubrey and her pithy putdowns in place of Clippy, we'd actually be okay with that, too.

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