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Reebok Fitness shakes up stale exercise routines on Android and iOS (video)


Despite Reebok being a cornerstone of the athletic scene, it hasn't been as quick off the mark as Adidas and Nike in embracing mobile apps as coaching tools. It's making up for lost time with a low-key launch of Reebok Fitness for Android and iOS. The app skips active movement tracking in favor of creating a truly varied exercise program: athletes can customize the ratios of multiple activities over a given period and manually shift the schedule if they find themselves bored. The app also provides video guides for novices, and a mixture of achievements and reminders should hopefully keep us from retreating to the couch. We'd prefer a best-of-all-worlds app that can both plan our workouts and gauge our progress, but the diversity in Reebok Fitness will at least put yoga on an equal plane with a neighborhood run.

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