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Dropbox's redesigned desktop client brings more notifications, faster sharing and a fresher look

Darren Murph

In a world that's becoming increasingly swamped with cloud storage options, it's good to see a true, original gangster innovating like the pressure is on. In a matter of moments, Dropbox is going to launch a re-imagined desktop client -- one that promises "more visibility into activity in one's Dropbox, faster access to your files, and a brand new look and feel." The changes here are fairly subtle, but they're ones that power users are bound to appreciate. You'll be able to accept invitations with less friction, see links or albums that people have shared with you, and keep tabs on what's changed in your Dropbox. There's also a newfangled way to share your stuff with a link, right from the Dropbox menu.

Over on the mobile side, notifications for shared folders will also show up on the latest versions of Dropbox's iOS and Android apps (and on the web at Keep an eye on the source link; the new download links should be live any minute.

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