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Payday 2 will feature a 'contract database,' coming this summer


Starbreeze has revealed new features, game upgrades, and a release window for Payday 2, the sequel the Overkill-developed multiplayer shooter Payday: The Heist. According to a new fact sheet released today, Overkill's latest is due out this summer as a downloadable game on Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and the PC via Steam.

The first game only offered a few different "heists" to play, but the sequel features CRIMENET, a "contract database" offering dozens of different jobs to take, which can take place across multiple stages and change according to certain equipment purchases (like a faster escape car or an inside man). Additionally, each level has a new amount of dynamic content, including random layouts or rare events, and finishing each job rewards loot like new masks, weapons, or other accessories.

Players also get to choose a profession of Mastermind, Enforcer, Ghost or Technician, each with its own skills and equipment to use, and can work their way up from the lowest thug on the totem pole to high-end heisters as they play. That summer release is coming up quick, so we should see more of the game very soon.

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