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The CRZ-free realms


A fellow twitter user tipped WoW Insider off on something that many of us weren't previously aware of. CRZ, the recently introduced system which combines realms together when their zones are low in population, has not always been a popular feature. There have been many complaints about the behavior it enables from other players, the effect it has on questing, rare spawns, gathering professions and the like, and Blizzard's team are still working on ironing it all out.

But what if you could get away from it all? What if there were realms where CRZ wasn't active at all? Well, apparently there are, two to be precise. The tweeter who tipped us off sent over a Game Master's response to his ticket asking if there were any CRZ-free realms, confirming that The Venture Company and Ravenholdt are both exempt from the cross-realm zone system. A little research confirms that the Venture Company forums have various threads discussing the absence of CRZ on their realm, and welcoming what they call "CRZ refugees" with open arms.

It's not completely clear to WoW Insider at this point just exactly why these realms are exempt from the CRZ system. It's also not clear whether this is a permanent situation, or whether it's just a matter of time before cross-realm zones are implemented on both realms. Both are RP-PvP, so perhaps that is somehow associated, so perhaps it relates to RP servers and their battlegroups. Nonetheless, whatever the reason, it's interesting.

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