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Phrasebook for Google Translate lets you save important words for later reference

Sarah Silbert

Google Translate has been steadily gaining new features, most recently adding translations from cameras and suggesting synonyms for your searched-for words. The latest addition, Phrasebook, lets you save translations for later reference. In practice, it's quite similar to starring items in your Gmail inbox; simply click the star icon under your translated text, and the sentence (or words) in question will be saved to your Phrasebook. To view all your saved translations, you simply click on the "Show Phrasebook" icon located in the top-right, and hovering over the text will give you the option to listen to each phrase. Controls let you search the saved phrases by language pairing or by searching specific phrases. We don't know about you, but we're already hard at work memorizing "Welcome to San Francisco!" in 50-some languages ahead of Engadget Expand this weekend.

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