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Crytek-approved TimeSplitters fan project gets title, preliminary details

Jordan Mallory

A dedicated group of TimeSplitters fans have taken it upon themselves to create a new, free game for like-minded folks: TimeSplitters Rewind. Developed with permission from CryTek and using assets from actual TimeSplitters games as reference material, Rewind is being constructed in CryEngine 3 and will focus primarily on multiplayer.

While there is no further visual evidence of the game beyond the above logo and this rendered duck person, project manager Michael Hubicka has stated that a demo for Rewind should be available by Christmas. "The demo will be more or less a beta," Hubicka told Cooking with Grenades. "We plan to release patches to fix glitches/bugs/exploits/performance issues and Content Updates to add maps and characters."

Eventually, Hubicka hopes that Rewind will also include remade versions of the single-player story content from TimeSplitters' history, but the initial goal of the project is to faithfully recreate the most well-known multiplayer components within CryEngine 3. New multilpayer modes are in the works, however, though their eventual inclusion will depend on if the end result "feels right."

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