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Plex client project for Raspberry Pi gets a fresh update and its own site to call home


RasPlex is not the only HTPC software project aimed at the Raspberry Pi (also see Raspbmc, OpenELEC or PyPlex), but it is trying to leverage the Plex Media Server to become the best option. As detailed on the "Why Rasplex?" section of its new website, Plex's client/server model lends itself to handling video streams that might otherwise not be supported by the Pi's lightweight ARM CPU, as well as (once it's out of beta) access a number of additional apps and features. Its creator celebrated Pi day yesterday by launching a new site for the project, and even has plans for custom cases to make mounting your $35 media PC in the living room easier to do. Hit the source links to download the latest update, version 0.1.27 or just get more information.

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